Singapore Airlines' New Safety Video


I’m sure @SingaporeAirlines will love this. :)
By the way, this topic belongs into #real-world-aviation.


Ah, You beat me to it T-T

I do love their new safety video actually as it showcases some of Singapore’s most popular landmarks 😊. Glad to see that SIA has renewed their safety video after a decade (and some minor changes after A350’s arrival)


Haha yeah man!I mean I got the Singaporean pride you know?Our National Day is tomorrow


Yup! That would be a nice touch for Singapore’s 52th Independence anniversary. Great job SIA as always!


as a Singapore airlines fan, I approve of this video!


I see a lot of airlines are getting better safety videos. I really like these, might get people interested into the safety videos. Only problem is the passengers may be too interested in the scenery of the video that they forget how to use the lifevest.

Only problem with this is Singapore is way too small for them to get a large variety of scenery for the video. Qantas’ 2016 and 2017 one will always be the be the best due to the huge area of Australia which they can show, like Sydney, Kangaroo valley, Uluru, Snowy mountains and so on.


I am not gonna lie but I don’t like this safety video. It looks too much of an ad to promote tourism in Singapore… Yes it can be great to show the culture of the home country of the airline but this is just too much.

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Ok then,I dont object your opinion on this.


Yep I also agree about the lifevest part!I thought SIA forgot about it.But oyu cant really blame Singapore’s small size …🤷‍♂️

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part of it is to promote Singapore.
another reason hey the airline is called Singapore Airline

Same could be said for this video

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this thread is to talk about sia new video not other videos but compare is good

We kindly remind you that vaping is not allowed on our aircraft. But in all seriousness it is good to see better safety videos come out that engage passengers more.

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I would personally love to visit Singapore for 2/3 weeks on maybe business class but unfortunately the tickets are not cheap… First you have to book the flights and because my family live in Scotland and we are a family of 4 tickets are even more expensive…Flights from Glasgow to Heathrow can range from £100 to £200 then you have the flights from Heathrow to Singapore which range from £2,000 to £5,000+ with Virgin Atlantic, Jet Airways, Emirates, Qatar etc and that’s only economy! and you have to make connecting flights which can be quite stressful! Then you have to book the hotel which can be very very expensive because my family like to stay in 5 star hotels for 2 week holidays which once again can range from £500 to £1,000+ per night!

I have to admit, that was a really nice…I guess you could say, safety video. It really showed off Singapore and it’s famous Landmarks or already from what I saw they were landmarks. Singapore is indeed one of my favourite cities in regards of its landmarks and it’s culture, Singapore is such a beautiful city!

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I’m part of a family of five so it’s much worse. That being said though travel agents really shine in this particular area,

I feel sorry for you! Tickets must be expensive :/

Yeah man!I think it would be much cheaper flying Singapore Airlines VA.LOL


No it’s not that’s bad. Flights are around £400 each. Flights in total will usually be under £2000 this is why you should be good at finding cheap fares and use travel agents as they offer great deals on the best airlines. Business and first is not going to happen though even unless I find a good deal again for £1000,

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My parents don’t like cheap.