Singapore Airlines | Moscow - Singapore

Yesterday night, i flew from UUDD - WSSS. UUDD is airport based in Moscow Russia named as Domodedovo, it’s very rare flight.
Arrival Singapore.

Aircraft: Airbus A359
Livery: Singapore
Departure: UUDD
Arrival: WSSS
Flight time: 12 hours
Server: Expert

Let’s begin. Airbus loading cargo and passengers

Pushback and start-up spotter view!

Domodedovo ground, Singapore 61, ready to taxi runway 14L.

Rotate and positive climb!

Gear up!
I think it’s the best photo here

As i missed some FL pics… we are touching down on runway 20R.

Parked at gate… and going to take a cup of coffee

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Have a nice landings #stayhome.


Lovely job! I personally like the 4th one the best!

As i said 4-th is the best!)

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Beautiful Photos! 🤩🤩🤩