Singapore Airlines MD-11

Quoted from :
“Singapore Airlines placed an order for the MD11 comprising of 5 firm + 15 options on 16/01/1990. The airline had hoped to use the MD11 on routes such as Singapore to Paris where a B747 was too large. However, after the problems with the aircrafts range and fuel burn came to light, the MD11 order was cancelled and an order for Airbus A340’s was placed instead. A retouched picture courtesy of shows an MD11 in Singapore Airlines stunning livery . All aircraft look good in SQ’s colours but the best looking airliner around would have really looked the business, oh well!”

Though, I would like to see this livery in Infinite Flight if MD-11 will exist



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So this isn’t real? :(

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No, unfortunately it isn’t.

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Looks pretty.

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I liked this before I realized it was fake. No offense meant, but I am not for fake liveries in IF (and before someone says something, the IF livery is excluded from this). I hope that, if developed, the developers keep any MD-11/DC-10 liveries to actual aircraft.

That being said, it is a nice looking livery. Too bad it didn’t actually exist :)


Not real