Singapore Airlines Launching the Worlds Longest Flight!


If it’s a duplicate I apologise, there wasn’t when I started making it!

Hello, as some of you may be aware today Singapore Airlines re-open an old route. However this isn’t an ordinary route as this route covers a distance of 16,700km (10,300miles) in just under 19 hours, making it the longest flight in both distance and time. It used to be operated in an A340-500 spanning Singapore to New York in 19 hours. It was ended for economical reasons. The flight is operated by Singapore Airlines under the callsign SQ22 in an Airbus A350-900ULR. The flight will depart Singaporea Changi airport at 23:55 And arrive at New York’s Newark liberty international airport at 06:00 the next morning. Good news! If you do happen to fly on this flight the cabin has no economy seats, it has 161 seats in total. 67 seats in business class and 94 in premium economy.
I will leave you with a question, when I made a thread about the Qantas Perth to London I asked : could you survive 17 hours on a plane? This is over 2 hours longer so, would you be able to fly for 19-20 hours? Or would you lose it?


only concern is the toilet. other than that I can manage :)


I think it would be bearable, I once flew HKG-EWR and back, those flights were around 16 hours. Another 2-3 really wouldn’t hurt too much (especially if I can get into business class :)


No,after 18 hours my legs will probably fall asleep or cramp.


I could survive a 19 hour flight, it’s just really long. I would be so tired from the extreme jetlag, since we cross so many time zones. But because the seats are quite nice, it won’t be so hard for the passengers.


Defiantly could live, it’s only 19 hours, I would just watch movies and sleep the entire time


As a local Newarkean I am happy they are restarting this flight because it gives an otherwise unrecognized airport get attention


Sleeping is impossible on economy or premium economy. So what, 3 more inches of leg space… It’s like sleeping in a chair with a generator(engine sounds) next to your ear.


My only concern is running out of good movies I want to watch.


At least the flight only has business and first class seats so the seats are comfortable and the service would be great. I would sleep the most I could and then watch movies.


If I didn’t have economy, I would be okay.



That’s pretty much the deciding factor for me. I’m not sure I could survive 19 hours in an economy seat. Does Singapore airlines have good economy legroom? I’ve never flown with them before


nvm I see Singapore are nice people and only offer premium economy. :D


I would download a series of friends or something like that onto my iPad!


Update: It has lifted off from Singapore Changi with an estimated flight time of 19 and a half hours.


I have located the flight!


I also found it!


The flight is expected super early. Must be a good tailwind


That’s where my Headphones come in, and trust me, if i need to sleep, and are truly exhausted I can sleep.


ONCE THE A350 IS ADDED I will fly this route😄


The longest flight I’ve been on was TPE-SEA and it was 10 hours long. I survived, just barely. That was in economy. I can survive this flight only if I’m in business class.