Singapore Airlines launches A350 service to Manchester and Houston.

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Been waiting for this… Currently they opperate the B777-300 a good addition

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Sounds good. Looking forward to be able to spot one of these very soon!

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What will happen to the Manchester - Munich service that SQ currently operates?

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Smart move by SQ, very smart move


I think that section will be ceased in order to replace Moscow as the Houston’s service’s stopover. And There are also some rumours saying that SIA will also replace the B77W on SIN-MUC route with A359 though no Official Statement has been made about it. And I think SIN-MAN has an enough demand to operated by A359 non-stop. This 5th freedom route (SIN-MAN-IAH) has been widely speculated as SIA is affected by the Russia’s Economy which halts SIN-DME-IAH’s passenger growth so it may be not surprising for some peoples

Update : SIN-DME will be served with A359 instead of B77W starts from 3rd of January 2017. For now, Only 2 out of 4 flights in the week are served by A359 (15th of December 2016) (Source)

Other Update : SIN-DME will be replaced by the upcoming SIN-DME-ARN starts from 30 May 2017 (Subject to regulatory approval). The upcoming flight will be served by A359

They don’t that’s 100% wrong… They closed that route the current route is SIN-MAN-IAH… Currently operated by B777-300 soon to be an A350

Don’t forget that they have also launched a new route to Stockholm via Moscow ;)

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Well, it existed a few months back and I didn’t realise that they had closed it.


And I know, I can read. 👍

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Love the A350


I’d love to see an SQ A350 at Manchester.

More A350s for IAH? Sounds good to me…

Been stopped for ages

MUC-MAN was stopped at the end of October.

EDIT: sorry put SIN instead of MAN

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