Singapore Airlines Fleet

SQ doesn’t have a domestic market, Singapore is really small. I would say that they do a pretty decent trade in short-haul routes. They have Silkair to handle some of the thinner regional routes.

oh, interesting! cool yo know :)

Danman is right here.

SQ fleets mainly serve longer routes and WSSS is where SQs main overhaul and maintenance base is.

WSSL is a light aircraft/GA aerodome where regional chartered flights goes in and out of as well as private aircrafts. It is less used but is the 2nd civil aerodome with a very tight airspace.

Other aerodomes in the area are military so Singapore isnt very ideal for domestic when the time taken to reach wssl from wsss is 30mins by bus ($1.5sgd)

Budget airlines contribute to the majority of regional flights to neighbouring countries like malaysia. In reality, its cheaper to travel to kuala lumpur by bus and indonesia by boat, aircraft is just a faster mode of transport.

I understand you asked about SQs wide body fleet but thats kind of the reason, these things i just explained isnt economical for SQ for regional flights thus their widebody fleet is used for farther flights.

Also just some scale on how far apart things are here so whenever you fly in Singapore & kl region, its just an insight.


Not much variety SQ…

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True , but I guess if it works then it works !

No, SIA doesn’t own Jetstar Asia. Qantas did a JV with some Singaporean Businessman to make Jetstar Asia. However, Temasek Holdings (The Government Company) which also owns shares at SIA, Also have some shares at Jetstar Asia.

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