Singapore Airlines Fleet

HI everyone! Im not sure if anyone else has ever thought of this, but what is Singapore Airlines fleet? it seems like its only wide bodies. Am I wrong? It just seems like it, and when you look it up on Google, it only shows pictures of wide bodies.

You need to sharpen your "googling " skills !

I’m sure you will enjoy this :)


so its all wide bodies? wow thats interesting!

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Yeah they operate a all wide body fleet !

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wow! ive noticed a lot of Asian airlines do that! thats very intresting, i think Cathay Pacific does the same, so narrow Bodies all wide bodies! :)

no* hate fat fingers.

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Wow it’s changed quite a bit, it would have had the A340 and the B747 on it aswell a year ago


yeah true, they just recently retired there 747 like cathay pacific. So sad. Ive always wanted to fly on one of those. :(

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Does this include subsidies, if so Jetstar, Scoot, Silkair would count

oh thats probably how they do there regional/domestic flights. That makes since, but then again. They could have just said they don’t want to be in Domestic market.

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Cathay Pacific also only operate wide bodies, but they have Cathay Dragon to take care of the narrowbody market for them. Emirates doesn’t have any narrowbodies either, only the A330-200, A330-300, 777-200LR, 777-200ER, 777-300ER and (a lot of) A380s. Emirates doesn’t have any subsidiaries so it’s amazing how they can operate huge aircraft on small routes.

wow, didn’t even think about cathay dragon cool.!

Wheres der 787?

They didn’t receive it yet. According to a website, the first one will arrive in May 2018.

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And its a 787-10 ! Singapore Airlines aims to use the 787-10 and the A350.The A330 which is used for regional now, will be replaced with -10 and the 359s

U lor go KL also wan take SQ

A very interesting read …

Here you go. Not hard. Click on the link

No, it doesn’t ;)

Silkair and Tigerair do operate Narrow-Bodies (B738, A320, A319). While Scoot doesn’t as Scoot is a Long Haul LCC sub

Jetstar (JSA) isn’t Singapore Airlines’ Sub actually. But they do operate all Narrow-bodies fleet ;)

LCC Subs do “save” Singapore Airlines from making losses this year.

@Alif_Wafiy I heard the latest rumours that B78X orders will be send to Scoot as the B78X role will be replaced by the future A350-900 in Regional Configuration. SIA (Or Scoot if the rumour is true) will be the Launch Customer for the B787-10

Talking about all-Widebody fleet carriers, I think there are not many Asian carriers do like that. There are some reasons why Airlines have all-Widebody fleets, Not only because they don’t have domestic services (Cathay Pacific (PRC routes counted as International in this case), Emirates (They don’t have any intra-UAE services interestingly) and Singapore Airlines in this case), But also because their Hubs (HKG, SIN, DXB) are used as a transit hub (Hub & Spoke), So more capacity needed to meet the demands. If you look to other Asian Carriers such as Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Vietnam Airlines, and Philippines Airlines which represents most of the Asian Carrier’s style, They operate Narrow-Bodies as their Regional Backbone instead of wide-bodies

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Isn’t Qantas and SIA, have a thing and operate Jetstar pacific?