Singapore Airlines First 787-10 Delivery Tracking Thread [ARRIVED]

Singapore Airlines first 787-10 delivery Tracking Thread

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Yes! Boeing will deliver the first passenger 787-10 frame to Singapore Airlines in 24 March 2018 from Charleston to Singapore. This will also mark the commercial debut of 787-10. Singapore Airlines will use 49 787-10s to replace their current A330-300 and regional 777-200s alongside the premium heavy A350-900.

Where will it fly?

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As announced, Osaka will be one of the first cities to be served by this 787-10 as SQ618/619 effective from 3 May 2018. Before launching flights to Osaka, SIA will launch this 787-10 to several cities in Southeast Asia as part of familiarization program for the crews

  1. Kuala Lumpur
  • SQ118/119 (03APR18 – 31MAY18 )
  1. Bangkok
  • SQ970/973 03APR18 – 06MAY18
  • SQ972/975 10APR18 – 02MAY18 / 08MAY18 – 30JUN18
  • SQ982/983 10APR18 – 06MAY18

Other confirmed routes other than Osaka

  • Perth
  • Nagoya
  • Fukuoka

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How dense the cabin is?


Source Here as an illustration

According to realible and trustable sources, Singapore Airlines’ 787-10 cabin will be fitted with

  • 301 Economy Class seats (Supplied by Recaro in 3-3-3 Configuration)
  • 39 Business Class seats (Supplied by Stelia (Solstys III) in 1-2-1 Configuration)

Economy Class

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Business Class

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Credits to Brian Kelly

Delivery Schedule

Inside the Factory (Finished)

Saturday March 24th 10:00 AM EDT (1400 UTC)

Delivery Event (Finished)

Sunday March 25th approximately 8:10 PM EDT (Monday, March 26 0010 UTC)

Current Update (as of 280200ZMAR18)

SQ8878 has landed in Singapore Changi and parked at F60, Terminal 2. See post.

Watch the updates on link below!|%2010-delivery-singapore&utm_content=var%3A%20webcast%20|%20date%3A%202018-03/

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The Singapore livery fits so well on the B787-10! I’m hoping I can see it a day.


The 787-10 is my favorite in the 787 series. I can’t wait to see these in the sky!


Yup, would be nice to see the first flight of 9V-SCA soon 😊


I’m actually flying to Osaka this summer, hope to see this beauty there 😍


Great to see Singapore taking on yet another new aircraft. Singapore Airlines always seems to be leading the way. Love it!


Be nice to go on this rather the 330 I flew from hoi chi min

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There it is, It’s been flying back and forth between Charleston and Myrtle Beach since March 17th.
Does anyone know why? Is it Undergoing any tests such as: Hard Landing, Tail Strike, etc…?

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I believe they are test flights. They will undergo some tests as usual before being delivered to the customer 😊


That look very is so great. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for making this thread!

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Beautiful aircraft! It’ll be nice to see this flying alongside the A350.

Another milestone in aviation!

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Some updates that can be tracked here 😉

The delivery flight will fly from Charleston to Osaka, then Osaka-Singapore

I almost forgot about this! Here’s a short interview about Boeing and SIA in this video below. Enjoy!

An interesting information from Boeing :

Inside the Factory

Saturday March 24th 10:00 AM EDT (1400 UTC)

Delivery Event

Sunday March 25th approximately 8:10 PM EDT (Monday, March 26 0010 UTC)

Watch LIVE on|%2010-delivery-singapore&utm_content=var%3A%20webcast%20|%20date%3A%202018-03/

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Does anyone know why the range of the 78X around 6400nm and the 789 is around 7600nm according to

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Same engine, larger aircraft.(I think)

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And same fuel tank capacity aswell 😉

But the difference is only 20 feet.

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But 787-10 has more seats capacity. But I believe 787-10 has the same engine, fuel tank capacity, and same MTOW with 787-9 CMIIW

For more information, you can look it up here 😉

Well, that kinda sad. But nothing can beat the 787 wing flex.

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The streaming for the delivery flight in case any of you are interested ;)