Singapore Airlines DC-10-30


Since the DC10/MD11 is going to be worked on next, I figured that might as well add this beauty as well :)

Old topic is 4 months old now :P

The old topic was closed because it’s an unreal (Fake) livery actually. Although I would like to see this on Infinite Flight T-T


Read the post, he says this.

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They did own the MD11 for a period of time, before they sold it.

Imma get some sources.

Edit: They did :D

Its at the bottom of the page
9V-SDA was delivered Oct 1978

I’ll get a better picture

9V-SDA is a DC-10-30 Unfortunately T-T


Please do some research before posting feature requests.

  1. Singapore Airlines never took delivery of an MD-11
  2. Singapore Airlines had DC-10s, but not in the livery you gave a picture of.
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Yes, sorry for that. Fixed that real quick ;)


This would be a really good addition in IF.

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Sorry for waking up this thread again

Some interesting facts about SIA’s DC-10-30 :

SIA had 7 DC-10-30 and 1 DC-10-30F. These Trijets are among the first widebody owned by Singapore Airlines besides B707 and it helps SIA to build their first routes to Europe and Australia. Before the arrival of 747-200, DC-10-30 was the main fleet and the backbone of SIA in the early of 70s decade

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Singapore has one of the sexiest livery. Needed on the trijet!


Congratulations, this livery will be added in the DC-10/MD-11 update!

Feels good to beat JackBot 😜