Singapore Airlines Crowned Airline of the Year

Singapore Airlines has been named Airline of the Year by the respected Airline Excellence Awards. The awards were judged on safety ratings with factors such as fleet age, passenger reviews, profitability, investment, products and staff relations.

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Unfortunately for Air New Zealand they have lost the title of Airline of the year, However Air New Zealand did manage to get Best Premium Economy and Best Airline Pacific.

Top ten:

  1. Singapore Airlines

  2. Air New Zealand

  3. Qantas

  4. Qatar Airways

  5. Virgin Australia

  6. Emirates

  7. All Nippon Airways

  8. EVA Air

  9. Cathay Pacific Airways

  10. Japan Airlines



We Americans need to improve our game. We are nowhere on the list when we used to be the epitome of excellent service and quality.

Congrats to Singapore! For some reason, I’m not terribly surprised.


I wonder how is it crowned airline of the year when the tray tables are mouldy/dirty and windows are scratched for their old fleet.


I think it is partly thanks to the return of SQ21/22 to Newark which has boosted their revenue and luxury levels!

Ooooh That photo is the photo that the used to announce that my home city will be the launch city of the Airbus A350 - 900 for SIA, Also Both large aussie airlines made it!

I believe the year should be 2019 and not this year based on

SIA A350 is part of new fleet, probably there’s a large different in terms of cleanliness.

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WHAT?! I don’t know about other people, but all my Qantas experiences were really un-impressive. The A380 they fly as their flagship aircraft is supposed to feel like the biggest aircraft in the world, but from inside, it really feels no bigger than an Dash 8 because of how cramped it is. Bit surprised with Qantas but I can see how the others got those rating.


Wow congrats Singapore! I’m a little disappointed that ANA is 7th and JAL is 10th,but that’s still in the top 10!

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Well EVA Air is 5th btw.

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Please check pm

Interesting how 80% of that list is from Australia and Asia…


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I am surprised that Qatar was ranked higher than Emirates.

Not surprised at all, SIA is a great airline!

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Same too. Qatar uses A320s for 5+ hours(sometimes with no personal IFE) while EK throws in their 777 or A380 on the same route. But for business class Qatar is better than Emirates for sure especially on the widebodies.

Well who wouldn’t want to fly in this?


Wonder why no American Airlines are here 🤔

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Do you mean AA or any American airline?

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Any American

Where are the American airliners?I thought American Airlines would’ve been in the top ten.