Singapore Airlines Concorde

The plane was time short in Singapore Airlines
And British pilots Flew The plane


I love it!

I also think so

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I love how after the Concorde was confirmed there’s a bunch of livery requests 😂

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Yes now it will be all the time😅😅

Concorde fever is spreading everywhere…nice livery though.

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Beautiful livery! I like it!

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It’s ok I guess. Don’t like the tail, the stripe is okay but the ‘Singapore airlines’ writing is good. I like the writing. Didn’t the on the other side have a BA livery and staffed and flown by BA pilots.


Really strange tail

Yes, so technically this would be a Singapore & BA combo livery.


It is very suitable for our game

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Also Iran Air and Pan Am operated it to i tuink

Nope. Only Air France and BA ever operated Concorde. Singapore and Braniff I guess had a short lease (from wikipedia). Pan Am and Iran Air never operated Concorde…

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Oh okay! Thanks!

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It was a nice livery but the topic should close