Singapore Airlines Concorde

Singapore Concorde is one of the best liviries

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@NatIsrael972 you will like this


Remember, this is a special Concorde. Only the left side was painted in Singapore Airlines livery. The right side stayed in a BA livery. This airplane was the only Concorde used on the SIN-LHR route, and cockpits were staffed my BA pilots, and cabin crew was a mix of BA and Singapore Airlines.

Some info from Concorde tour in NYC, other info from [this] ( website


Nice info, first time to know

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I didn’t know that till a while back. Found it out when I toured that exact Concorde (repainted in full BA) on the Intrepid in New York City.

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Yes it locks very tacky

Thanks @ZaidSal for the invitation!

But I usually don’t request any liveries unless the actual aircraft is already available but a half SIA and BAW livery… why not? :D

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I love this too… Why didn’t I get tagged 😭

Just kidding. I wonder if they’ll add the Concorde though…

Paiseh lor

You want I can tag the whole SIA gang LOL

Though it’s only partly, But still nice to see the livery though!

Wondering who are them xD

The people you see in the Slack are the gang of SIA 😂 Only 3 to 5 people very active 😜

Why I forgot my pass and why my iPad1 is too heavy duh

If Global came and Concordes are real, I’ll use this aircraft on Bahrain-Singapore leg

I’d ask who in IFSIAVA is interested and we can really do a global flight (indeed) 😂

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