Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10

Though the real aircraft is estimated to enter service on 2018-2019, But I would like to see this soon on Infinite Flight!

PS : Singapore Airlines is going to be the Launch Customer for this aircraft


I’ve read articles about it before… SIA said it’ll buy if Boeing launches it…

Keyword is “if”…


Look at this, Idk If it’s already been confirmed


Well the status is still TBA…

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And Air Austral’s


Those were the only exception… But yes it’ll be great to see this “future” plane come to IF before the real one is even “released”! 😜

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Maybe they will reworked the plane once the new one came out


Update : It’s already been confirmed! With estimated to enter service on 2018-2019 :)

Man at least SIA continues the Boeing legacy after the 777 retires

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I think B77W will be in SIA fleet until 2020s. Though this one will make Boeing’s legacy still on SIA fleet

I think they will be replacing the 777 with a350s and 787 when it comes


For B772s I think, A359 and B787-10 isn’t enough to replace B77Ws (As B77Ws capacity is almost 300s while A359 is only about 250s)

Is both 787 and a350 they surely have more then the existing 777 so the 777 be replaced in the next few years and plus the plane has been flying for bery long and it is about for some 777 to retire

I cannot understand your Engrish leh

Well, the 787-10 is officially going to be implemented in IF now. Hope the devs don’t forget the launch customer!

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Really? Are we gonna have the 787-10 in the next update?

@Andrew_Anane Check the 787 Tracking thread…

Yeah I checked it yesterday, thanks.

I don’t think the 77W’s will get replaced completely, rather SIA could very well possibly order the 778x and/or 779x… When they are launched of course

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