Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 Caught Fire

It will be very young rather than present. Though this age may be too old for Southeast Asian carriers fleets, as a comparison, GIA’s average fleet age is about 5 years old

Still, will miss 9V-SWB if SIA choose to scrap it (Though this option is very unlikely as SIA still needs more aircraft on Low-Yield routes)

Screenshot of the replacement aircraft. The aircraft is 9V-SWF and currently flying over India subcontinent

She will return to service, all she needs is a new engine, flaps, and fuel tank.

#UPDATE: Fuel leak/dumped fuel is to blame for the engine fire upon the emergency landing (because of oil temperature warnings)
Source: 9News AU

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Fortunately everybody has survived and the plane is not crashed. Now I wondering, will the plane repared or not? Maybe the plane will get a new wing?

Not just a wing definitely a new engine and possibly new starboard landing gear

We’re waiting on a SIA statement about wether it is going to the scrapyard or they are going to spend millions to repair it and only use it for a few more years

I don’t think so, it might have been that the situation would have been easier to fix since SIA engineering company is based in WSSS

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Just posted by AvHerald about 4 Hours ago

It make sense to the whole story.

I’ll pray that SIA will fix it instead sending 9V-SWB to scrapeyard like what SQTalk members stated :(

Hmm, the pieces of the puzzle are forming. We’ll be waiting for more info from Authorities, the Aircraft Incident Investigation team and SIA for now.

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Though until now I’m still waiting the SIA A333 engine problem which happened last year and we haven’t heard the official reports until today :/

EDIT : It’s already out exactly a year after the incident

Once the incident report comes out I will be posting it on this topic

I think the report will out a year again
(It’s the fastest IMO)

The fastest i have seen was 4 months

Usually SAIB investigation takes about a year IIRC
(Like SIA and DAL A319 distance while took off from Houston and last year engine shutdown)

The 777 engines aren’t doing well recently, last year a BA 772 had an engine fire at LAS (Las Vegas) and now a Singapore Airlines 777 had and engine on fire, not to mention BA38 at EGLL in 2008.

Also the koreanair 777 at HND.

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when was that, what happened?

Last month.