Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 Caught Fire

If they can fix G-VIIO, why not? ;)

Though 9V-SWB needs massive repairs as the entire wing will have to be replaced with a new one from Boeing and it’s engine tho

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will singapore pay for the massive repair or the plane will be scrapped in your opinion?

I think it won’t be scrapped IMO

Something weird, why didnt the plane landed in the nearest airport, they could’ve have landed in WMKK

IMO, the plane back to Changi because Changi is where the SIAEC located

One of the video footage

My bad, corrected.

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SQ has a relatively short amortization period for their aircraft. It might not be worthwhile for them to stick it in the shop for 6 months to get another 2 - 2 1/2 years out of it. Should be interesting to see what SQ has in mind.

I wouldn’t be so quick in defending them. They’re not perfect by any means. Mistakes can happen. I think it’s bad luck, but it could also be something missed, they’re only human.

9V-SWB may back to service IMO as 9V-SWA until 9V-SWI planes are used on low-yields routes mainly. By scrapping 9V-SWB, it will make the choice of aircraft on these kinds of routes will be limited for SIA

  • FYI : 9V-SWA until 9V-SWI are non-retrofitted B77W Aircrafts

SIA still keeping their B773 until today (While B772s soonly going to be scrapped as they’re replaced by A359s). With the youngest B773 (9V-SYL) age gap with the first B77W (9V-SWA) isn’t too far. But IMO, they’ll keep retaining these aircrafts except if A359s will replaces them


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Surprisingly, no reports about this incident on AvHerald

Maybe it is complicated.

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“9V-SWF is ferrying the passengers to MXP as SQ368D. It departed Changi at 1059 this morning”

Quoted from SQTalk

I thought that isn’t too old since some aircraft in the A320 family are 20 years old and still being used

Yeah, that was weird. Maybe WMKK was busy, WSSS was the most suitable for the situation or it was easier to route (around traffic) to that runway

It looked like the whole inside of that wing was burning! I’m surprised it didn’t collapse or spread to the fuselage. I’m sure the gear is wrecked too.

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The oldest aircraft that SIA have is about 14 years (2001) which will be replaced by A359

I think the age is a bit far away from 9 Years old

The Burning happened during landing
Previously while on mid-air, they only received warnings about the oil leak

About diversion, Based on what tracked before turning back to WSSS, they can divert to VTBS/VTBD tho.

Though I think the reason behind “Back to Base” was because SIAEC (Singapore Airlines Engineering Company) located on Changi (WSSS). Though it may be very risky decision to back to WSSS. If they know they won’t do it, Instead WMKK, they would choose VTBS/VTBD if they can as those airports are nearer


Yeah, but the average age of the fleet is 7.7 years (103 aircraft + 17 planned)

I guess that makes sense, I forgot that the fire started on the ground