Singapore Airlines Boeing 757-200 (New Livery)

The lesser known aircraft…

Credits to Rob Finlayson (taken from

Check out the SIA B752 Old Livery request here! Singapore Airlines Boeing 757-200 (Old Livery)


They have 757-200s?

Used to have… That’s why I say it’s the lesser known aircraft ;)

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Didn’t know they had 757s. Would give a like but I hit my limit today.

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Haha no worries man, anytime for the likes!

This is quite similar to the old livery?

Similar but the SilverKris… (SINGAPORE AIRLINES) wording is rather different :)

Also the livery colour is a tad different


I never see B752 on New livery before, I thought SQ retired it’s B752 before the new livery released

Its my first time seeing 757-200 in siangapore livery. Surprised

I never got to see it for real but it’s a beauty nonetheless! <3

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