Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400

Not really… I didn’t notice it was a duplicate until @SingaporeAirlines bumped his thread up

I’m sorry about that Nathan! ^-^". At least my topic is old enough to got closed :p

Please don’t be mad at me duh

No worries, no need to dwell on it lol it’s good we share the same mentality :D

RACIST! lol jk

This is a cool aircraft would love to see it:)

Hahaha when raising flags on poles become racist xD

Thanks for your compliment on our B744 :D

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I think B744 with larger SilverKris is better than the previous one (Which exist till’ 2007, The SilverKris logo is Too small for me)

So is this one okay?

Yup, 9V-SPQ that you choose wore the new one

Lol I never noticed about the difference at all actually

Flown 9V-SPE in X-Plane PC but couldn’t see any difference between SPE and SPQ :3

I need to look more closely just like the time when you posted about the SilverKris logo size and the vertical stabilizer paint hahaha

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Oh, I meant the SIA font 😅, I got confused because you Said the SilverKris (on A388’s topic) is bigger than the reality. I Thought You’re saying About the font

Ohh I get it! Something like the B752 I posted right? The SINGAPORE AIRLINES and the SIΠGAPORE AIRLIΠES

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Yup, Actually not the font. I’ll Give you the differences on PM

And the colour too ;)

I wonder I wonder why they would retire this amazing plane :/


Why not the 9V-SPK livery?

Same, I’m still wondering why they retired it so early :-/

Come on this had 54 likes and now only 1 vote(that also by me)

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Here’s the one with Tropical livery

Fun Fact : 9V-SPQ was the youngest 747 on SIA Fleet. At the age of 10, SPQ was the last 747 in SIA to be retired by SIA and served a historic flight between SIN-HKG-SIN (SQ747/748)

Because people realised they could only vote for a few requests and not everything under the sun