Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400

Defunct yes but why not?

I don’t usually post new feature requests so…

© Copyright belongs to whoever owns it as you can see on the photo

Just make sure the reg isn’t 9V-SPK and 9V-SPL as those are for the special Tropical livery


I miss that plane and livery :(


Yea I’m surprised no one has actually posted about the SIA B744s before…

No really, I like it, sadly they retire them from service, althought they use them as freighter planes.

Yeap, still alive with SQC! You can find some of the rest with El Al I think… 4X-ELF if I’m not wrong

@SingaporeAirlines With you bumping your thread, my thread becomes a duplicate liao…

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Oh, sorry Nat! Just relised your topic abt B744 here ^-^"

I’m okay with my thread getting closed (again) lol

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Ironically, I’ve posted the Tropical livery too (and Got merged with yours ;))

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I think the search system sometimes doesn’t work duh :/
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You can continue here, the original is more then 3 months old. You


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Why on earth did they stop using them? I never noticed they did, when?

I’ll close the old one, it’s better for features to get a fresh start when topics get to old and no replies.


Thanks @Aernout for moving it 😊. I decided to withdrawn the post because the picture already available above

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No need to withdraw, support is always good :)


Well, because we have been so worried about the 787 and 777 updates!