Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 Tropical Livery

Taboo livery to many but still, many fail to see how amazing this livery is… (I mean was)

Photo taken from:

Can be 9V-SPK or 9V-SPL but I guess SPL is better since SPK was the one involved in the accident

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My bad… I’m drunk… But somehow when I type Singapore 747 in the search, nothing relevant comes out… :(


Search with every keyword next time. Something has to appear.

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It’s because I am too exact, that I don’t find anything… I guess the search is indeed bugged?


Its possible, it happened quite a lot with me, but I searched for Singapore 747 tropical livery and it appeared.

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Alright will take that into consideration… Tons of old liveries I wanna request for… :P


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i think this is the best livery i ever seen

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