Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 Tropical Livery

But as long as the registration code isn’t the Accident one (in this case SQ006’s 9V-SPK). It won’t be a big deal. Though it will shrink the probability 😣

Yea… I saw a big model of a 744 Tropical and then I saw that it is SPL too

Looks like this SPK and “6” thing has become a big taboo in Singapore aviation

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I think this livery should be remembered to commomerate the victims. It’s too beautiful to be forgotten

Though, this livery may remembering us to the darkest era on Singapore Airlines and Singapore’s aviation history

It has become a taboo… like I said in my feature request… People fail to see the beauty…

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Wawoo I love it , I just watched a video about these one I hope we can get these one in the future.

Wow 😍👌 Just awesome livery, I love it .

😍 wow! I support this.

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Would love it if there’s a Singapore Airlines livery for the B747-400, it’s about time :P


Looks great!

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looks good like @SingaporeAirlines said it could be some kind of tribute

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Ironically, another “close crash” that originated from Taoyuan was Dynasty 006.

A very spiffy aircraft livery.

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“Ironically” is not used in this instance (ironically). :P

I think you mean CI611?

P.S. Irony is defined as “the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.” Simply put, a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.
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No, China Airlines 006.

And I’m pretty sure “Ironically” fits the situation very well considering its coincidental flight number and origin.

Additionally, I also don’t think Grammar Nazi would be the term for that ya! More of vocabulary!! :)


I use my definition, you use yours.
Lets end it here.

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