Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 Tropical Livery

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Love this Beautiful Aircraft 😍😄


Yes, great idea! But sadly it was destroyed on the 31st October, 2000 in the crash of Singapore 006… :/

EDIT: This is 9V-SPL, a sister ship to 9V-SPK that was destroyed in Singapore 006. So basically this is not the accident aircraft.


Yes I thought is was this aircraft that was destroyed


Yeah, So sad that the Plane (9V-SPK) was destroyed in SQ006 Crash :( May Everyone Rest in Peace. Though, Looks Like it Would be hard to add this in IF because of the Crash :(


This livery looks fantastic. I want to see special Livery. And hope there will be added more special liveries, looks serious.

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Yeah, Me Too :)

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I really like it. :)


It’s nice.

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It’s a pity :( . And if anyone else noticed, IF seems to shy away from specific models/airlines that have crashed.


If it’s added, please don’t try to reenact SQ006.


If the Typhoon Xangsane didn’t come that day (31 October 2000) or The Captain relise that They were on the wrong runway or maybe if Taipei CKS (Or Present-Taoyuan) already equipped with Ground Radar at the time of accident, This accident won’t happen

Though I would like to see this beautiful livery :(

Like it, but the colours and theme doesn’t seem to match the aircraft or look tropical to me

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Maybe because it was took exactly about 2 months prior the crash :(

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Taboo livery to many but still, many fail to see how amazing this livery is… (I mean was)

Can be 9V-SPK or 9V-SPL but I guess SPL is better since SPK was the one involved in the accident

I would love this

Thanks @Aernout

Waited for a while for some moderator action xD


I looooooove this livery, it is my lock screen background :)

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Doubt it will be added. Its is a nice aircraft, but I would think it would be respectful to not add it in.

Then might as well don’t reply lor

Just saying :)