Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 Tropical Livery

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Love this Beautiful Aircraft ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„


Yes, great idea! But sadly it was destroyed on the 31st October, 2000 in the crash of Singapore 006โ€ฆ :/

EDIT: This is 9V-SPL, a sister ship to 9V-SPK that was destroyed in Singapore 006. So basically this is not the accident aircraft.


Yes I thought is was this aircraft that was destroyed


Yeah, So sad that the Plane (9V-SPK) was destroyed in SQ006 Crash :( May Everyone Rest in Peace. Though, Looks Like it Would be hard to add this in IF because of the Crash :(


This livery looks fantastic. I want to see special Livery. And hope there will be added more special liveries, looks serious.

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Yeah, Me Too :)

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I really like it. :)


Itโ€™s nice.

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Itโ€™s a pity :( . And if anyone else noticed, IF seems to shy away from specific models/airlines that have crashed.


If itโ€™s added, please donโ€™t try to reenact SQ006.


If the Typhoon Xangsane didnโ€™t come that day (31 October 2000) or The Captain relise that They were on the wrong runway or maybe if Taipei CKS (Or Present-Taoyuan) already equipped with Ground Radar at the time of accident, This accident wonโ€™t happen

Though I would like to see this beautiful livery :(

Like it, but the colours and theme doesnโ€™t seem to match the aircraft or look tropical to me

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Maybe because it was took exactly about 2 months prior the crash :(

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Taboo livery to many but still, many fail to see how amazing this livery isโ€ฆ (I mean was)

Can be 9V-SPK or 9V-SPL but I guess SPL is better since SPK was the one involved in the accident

I would love this

Thanks @Aernout

Waited for a while for some moderator action xD


I looooooove this livery, it is my lock screen background :)

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Doubt it will be added. Its is a nice aircraft, but I would think it would be respectful to not add it in.

Then might as well donโ€™t reply lor

Just saying :)