Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800

Hopping to fly this beautiful boy soon

As Singapore Airlines is moving into a new era of operating the narrowbody fleet, the inclusion of this livery will make flying in the Southeast Asia region more realistic to routes like Brunei, Phuket, Male, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, even Kathmandu and Yunnan. A friend Pilot of mine flies this real life routes and it would be quite cool to replicate the routes!

Yes it will. As a person from Kathmandu we don’t get to see this Beauty that much since SQ like’s mostly sending 787-10s and 777s. The 787 10s fly sometimes from Brunei. But to confirm yes this aircraft comes to Kathmandu for passenger flights. The 737 comes mostly in the night so me as a planespotter has no chance to catch one arriving in the morning. Sometimes it comes at 11:00AM but I am busy.

I’d like to bump this feature because I just saw a trip report on this aircraft and made me want to fly it!

The developers seem to be enjoying making new 737-800 liveries!
I think this should be next 😁

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Considering it’s a new livery for a popular modern airline and aircraft, it has a very nice chance!


yeah we need this plane!

You got my vote!

Saw this at Singapore a week ago, I thought it looked beautiful! You have my support, I’m out of votes tho 😢

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This is such a cool livery, feels slightly odd but cool to see the SQ livery on a narrowbody like the 737-800! Would be great to have this in the sim for regional SEA routes, voted!

I dont have free votes but we do need it!

Just a gentle bump!

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Bumping this up!

As more 737 family jets gets delivered to Singapore Airlines, this definitely needs to be inserted.

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you got my vote!

I love Singapore airline

Moving back into the narrowbody segment, great to see!

Flying a Singapore 737 (generic) from Singapore to Phuket.

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Let’s go! 50 votes!

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I did not like the livery at first but I love love love love it now

This needs a bump. I don’t want to fly SilkAir A319s everywhere anymore.

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Great idea! Definitely wish this gets added to the sim soon. I added my vote.

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