Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800

Why do we want this: Silkair is gonna be on a merger with singapore airlines so Singapore airlines will operates Silkairs 737-800s on Silkairs previous routes, for more info check out this one Singapore Airlines to soon start revenue service with 737-800s
About the 737-800: The Boeing 737-800 is a stretched version of the 737-700. It replaced the 737-400. The Boeing 737-800 competes primarily with the Airbus A320. The 737-800 seats 162 passengers in a two-class layout or 189 passengers in a one-class layout. The 737−800 was launched on September 5, 1994.

Let me know if theres already a topic for this

Well, given that this is literally the first SQ 737 it’s very unlikely someone has created a feature for this 😂

Jokes aside, this is a very cool livery, and I wish I could vote for it.

Singapore Airlines Livery not on a heavy just look whack lol

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I mean they used to have narrowbodys 800px-Singapore_Airlines_Boeing_737-100_Volpati


I’m voting for this


Would like to see this in IF.

Funny you never really see these flying.

This one just got rolled out of the paint shop, and it is SQ’s first 738 after all.




Never thought of that. I’m not extremely up to date on fleets.

Also Silkair’s A320 family are gonna be phased out and most likely retire So feel free if you wanted to fly Ex Silkair’s 737-800

I’m gonna bump this for next update or bust

Bump. Would love to see the Singaporean livery on the 737!

Just voted! This is indeed a cool livery!

This actually looks really cool 👍

This is my first time seeing a Singapore aircraft that its not a heavy

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Yes yes yes, this plane needs to be added

I am reviving this topic!

I am reviving it once again, would really hope to see this livery, maybe even on the MAX if they add it!

Clearly must have!