Singapore Airlines announcing SFO as the next A350 destination


Woo! I’ll be waiting to see that beauty!


Which beauty?

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Yup and it would be it’s 4th destination (or 5th as JNB-CPT is a fifth freedom and 8th if Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong also added)

  • Amsterdam (Served)
  • Dusseldorf
  • Johannesburg (+ Cape Town)
  • San Francisco
  • Jakarta
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Hong Kong

(Italic text means for training purposes/temporary)

Many people speculated that this is SIA reaction to it’s Star Alliance counterpart (United) which will launch the SFO-SIN route by B787

The Singapore Airlines A350.


Uh huh…I see…

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That sounds awesome! I’m pretty excited!

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Hmm retaining two services to SFO… Hopefully SIN-SFO won’t eat too much of the SIN-HKG-SFO traffic. 5th freedom routes are few and far between unfortunately and I’d like to see some remain :(.

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Sorry, just got a correction when watching CNA :
As ChannelNewsAsia stated, Singapore Airlines will open a route to SFO with A350 Non-stop (So the fifth freedom via HKG won’t got A350) and becoming the 2nd carrier to operate SIN-SFO Non-stop after United with it’s B787 by October (IIRC). Unlike LAX and EWR Non-stop which will have to wait till’ 2018

Another surprise again is SIA will stop SIN-ICN-SFO service and change it to SIN-ICN-LAX after this non-stop route opened. Leaving SIN-HKG-SFO and SIN-SFO (New with A350 route)

Though by keeping SIN-HKG-SFO route, It can still targeting HKG-SFO leg as CX is monopolying this route

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So SIA envisions KEWR, KJFK and KSFO (not sure about KJFK)

They’re only upgrading 7 A359s into ULR variants right?

Yup but based on CNA, SFO route won’t be served by -ULR (As it will be launch on October)

Yea I read…

Kanchiong SIA is kanchiong

Isn’t SIA trying to switch their 772’s out of their HKG route?

TBH I would want to see LAX more than SFO

Found your CGK - SIN A350

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Ehh! Johannesburg is the next destination for SIAs A350 the Monday after the next, 27th \June to be exact

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Yea @buzzlightyear mentioned it before:


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