Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 (SG50 livery)

I would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight! Though it has been 2 years since Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, But I’m still happy to see this in Infinite Flight!

Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Michael Stappen

Share your thoughts and opinions about this livery!


This would be awesome! :)

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Indeed! I don’t know why I love the Singapore Flag on the plane. It fits the aircraft perfectly

Looks awesome! Great livery.

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I know right! I wish if this livery will be permanent. Though it may dissapear soon this year ;-;

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People SIA special liveries are rare so the devs should really consider adding them…

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Indeed, I’m still hoping this livery will come alongside the Tropical Livery (Though, I can’t hope much because of SQ006). I haven’t seen many special liveries from SIA so far

Personally wouldn’t want them to add the Tropical livery, if you want to look at it superstitiously, which some people may or may not, it may affect IF in some bad way…

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It’s not called the SG50 livery anymore because now the removed the SG50 circle thing on the engined

Despite the removal, It’s still called SG50 livery based on FR24. Though I still miss the SG50 circle so badly =/