Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900

This picture is taken at Amsterdam Schiphol Int’l. Credits to Jesse Vervoort

#Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA; SGX: C6L) is the flag carrier of Singapore with its hub at Singapore Changi Airport. The airline uses the Singapore Girl as its central figure in its corporate branding.

The Singapore Airlines group includes many airline-related subsidiaries. SIA Engineering Company handles maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) business across nine countries, with a portfolio of 27 joint ventures, including with Boeing and Rolls-Royce. Singapore Airlines Cargo operates SIA’s freighter fleet and manages the cargo-hold capacity in SIA’s passenger aircraft. It has three subsidiaries: SilkAir operates regional flights to secondary cities, while Scoot and Tigerair operate as low-cost carriers.

Singapore Airlines was the launch customer for the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. It ranks amongst the top 15 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue passenger kilometers, and is ranked 10th in the world for international passengers carried. On 15 December 2010, Singapore Airlines was named by the International Air Transport Association as the second largest airline in the world by market capitalisation, worth US$14 billion.

Singapore Airlines is rated as one of the Top 10 Airlines based on Skytrax latest survey

######Credits to Wikipedia

Singapore Airlines Fleet compromises of 112 aircrafts from 4 different aircraft families (Boeing 777, Airbus A330, Airbus A350, and Airbus A380) as of 26th June 2017

#Active Fleet

  • 23 Airbus A330-300
  • 15 Airbus A350-900 (45 more on order)
  • 18 Airbus A380-800 (5 A380s on order, 3 early models are expected to be returned to lessor)
  • 11 Boeing 777-200
  • 10 Boeing 777-200ER
  • 5 Boeing 777-300
  • 27 Boeing 777-300ER

#On Order

  • 7 Airbus A350-900ULR (EIS : 2018)
  • 49 Boeing 787-10 (EIS : 2018)
  • 20 Boeing 777-9X (EIS : 2021)

######Source from SQTalk, Wikipedia, and Airfleets

#Airbus A350-900
Singapore Airlines placed an order for 30 Airbus A350-900 aircraft in 2006, with a further 30 orders placed in 2013. The airline took delivery of the first of the aircraft in February 2016 and flew its delivery flight to Singapore on 2 March. The airline began operating regular services using the A350 on the Singapore-Amsterdam route from 9 May 2016.

On 13 October 2015, Singapore Airlines announced that it had placed orders for seven Airbus A350-900ULR (Ultra-Long Range), which will see the return of non-stop flights between Singapore and both New York and Los Angeles. The A350-900ULR will be configured with approximately 170 seats, compared to 253 in Singapore Airlines’ standard A350-900, and will be fitted with the airline’s all-new business class seat design due in 2018.

The Airbus A350 aircraft is the replacement aircraft for existing Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-200ER and Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

Currently, SIA A350-900s has served 16 destinations (3 via Fifth Freedom Routes) listed below :

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Jakarta
  • Amsterdam
  • Hong Kong
  • Dusseldorf
  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • San Francisco
  • Tokyo Haneda
  • Moscow Domodedevo
  • Manchester
  • Houston
  • Milan Malpensa
  • Barcelona
  • Stockholm
  • Melbourne
  • Munich (Future, eff 01/07/2017)
  • Mumbai (Future, eff 01/07/2017)
  • Rome (Future, eff 29/10/2017)

with 15 Airbus A350-900 currently on service as 26th of June, 2017 :

  • 9V-SMA
  • 9V-SMB (Pictured)
  • 9V-SMC (Leased from AerCap)
  • 9V-SMD
  • 9V-SME
  • 9V-SMF
  • 9V-SMG
  • 9V-SMH
  • 9V-SMI
  • 9V-SMJ
  • 9V-SMK
  • 9V-SML
  • 9V-SMM
  • 9V-SMN
  • 9V-SMO

######Source from Airfleets, Wikipedia, and SQTalk
9V-SMB is the second Airbus A350-941 to enter service with SIA. The plane had it’s first flight at 02/04/2016 as F-WZFY/MSN30 (1.2 Years as 26th June 2017) and delivered at 20/04/2016. The plane is equipped with 2 x RR Trent XWB engines. The plane is using Singapore Airlines’ A350 Standard Configuration with

  • 42 Business Class Seats
  • 24 Premium Economy Seats
  • 187 Economy Seats

Click Here for Seatmap

######Source from Airfleets and SeatGuru

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I have to agree with you! I think SIA livery is a must-have if A350 gets added to Infinite Flight ❤✈ (Not to mention that they have a big orders for A350-900 and also the Launch customer of ULR variant ❤)


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I Still don’t understand why the devs say that this is a new plane and it is not enough info about it?? Well, look att b787? It’s new and yet they have implimented it? Whats up?


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I know we won’t be getting the a350 in IF anytime soon, but this is a must for when it’s added.


I am doing a 3 page essay on any topic and I chose the A350. Lots of info to write about! This won’t come around anytime soon but I do hope this Aircraft is added!


I do like this request very much, but here are some problems.

  1. The Devs have alot on their hands comcerning the CRJ rework and have alot planned in advance, and this would take a while.

  2. Not a lot of us know much about the A350, and if you say “But the Devs made the 787 rework and it’s new!”, the Boeing 787 was known since 2009, and this came up very recently, so it would take a while to research the A350.

I know these seem like weak arguments, but they’re valid.

Besides, I ran out of votes decades ago.


Whats up? The CRJ rework. The Devs have been doing this for quite awhile because they want for us to enjoy it, and appreciate it. And I know that you may be impatient, and so are quite a few of us. But keep quiet and it’ll be out in no time. Then they’ll get to this eventually, and then the next thing. It’s a one step at a time process bro.


do it everyone would fly it i definitely fly it 24/7