Singapore Airlines A380 KJFK-EDDF-WSSS

Aircraft: Airbus A380
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Route: KJFK > EDDF
Cruise Altitude: FL370-FL380
Flight Time: 6:57
Server: Expert

Parked at Terminal 4A Gate 07

Take off from Runway 4L

Beautiful Sunrise Over the Atlantic Ocean

Landing at EDDF It was a rough landing :(

Taxiing To Parking With @Enkhbileg_Batbayar On final

Parked at Gate Terminal 1 Gate B46 Getting Ready For Singapore!!

Aircraft: Airbus A380
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Route: EDDF > WSSS
Cruise Altitude: FL350-FL390
Flight Time: 11:43
Server: Expert

Taxiing to Runway 18

Take Off from Runway 18

Cruising Over the Austrian Alps

Sunset Over Iran 🇮🇷

Sunrise on Approach Runway 02L Singapore

Landing on Runway 02L

Parked at Terminal 3 Gate A4 Finally Welcome to Singapore (WSSS)

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Cool, funny enough, I’m flying this route rn. Only gonna do the JFK-FRA, but i might do FRA-SIN sometime in the mere future :D

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