Singapore Airlines A380-800 long haul flight from Singapore to Frankfurt to New York

Join me in my journey with Singapore Airlines A380-800. This flight took me a total of 20 hours and 9 minutes with a stop at frankfurt and finishing off at New York JFK.

Side note - Will be adding more shots as I forgot to take some pics from my earlier flight.

Flight Time: (Singapore to Frankfurt) 13:03:00 - (Frankfurt to New York JFK) 7:51:00
**Total Flight Time: 20:09:00 **
Aircraft type: A380-800
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Call sign: Singapore Airlines 26SQ Super
Server: Expert

Taxi & Takeoff at Singapore

Landing at Frankfurt

Takeoff From Frankfurt

Crusing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Landing in New York JFK


Wow, this is beautiful!

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Thank You will be adding more. Got a little busy :)

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