Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR

Not to be confused with the Singapore Airlines A350-900 base variant


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Airbus has launched (quite a long while ago) the Ultra Long Range (or ULR) variant of its A350-900. Under an amendment Singapore Airline’s existing order for 63 A350-900s, seven of the aircraft will now be delivered with an Ultra-Long Range capability for flights of up to 19 hours. In addition, the carrier has placed an additional order for four A350-900s, taking its total firm orders for the A350 XWB Family to 67.

Optimised for non-stop flights to the US, the aircraft, designated A350-900ULR (Ultra-Long Range), will ‎include a modified fuel system to increase the fuel carrying capacity, an increase in Maximum Take-Off Weight, plus aerodynamic improvements, enabling service to the US West Coast, as well as to New York.

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It would be great to get the ULR variant of the A350-900, especially for the global update with fuel burn and all. Not much change but but still significant, given that these bad boys are bound to serve the world’s longest routes! :)

Leave a vote if you agree this should be in IF when they add the A350!

So apart from the fuel burn, there’s nothing different about the ULR?


Nothing much I guess
But the fuel burn does give it the ability to operate longer flights :)


@SingaporeAirlines Will hate this:-)


Haha he gave me the go ahead to make it XD

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I dont like it, I love it ;)


Nice idea but, likely when developing the A350, the devs may decide to go with one of the A359 models of SQ instead of having 2 variants which are different because of fuel capacity ONLY

Great idea, a ULR version would be really nice to have


Airbus do gave options to their customers to convert their A350-900 orders to ULR if they want to without changing the production line. Singapore Airlines is the first airline to do this and there may be more airlines to do it in the future


I’m actually starting to like the cockpit windows on the A350.


Maybe just get the ULR variant when you buy the normal variant of the A350




I would really like it but limit… Anyways , if I’m not wrong , the aircraft is just little bit more shorter

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