Singapore Airlines 787-10 engine issue

Singapore airlines had to ground two 787-10s after problems with the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines. This isn’t the first time these engines have had issues with the 787, and it’s not over either.

Here’s a video


Here we go, another aircraft grounded, and it’s another Boeing, could face problems for them


Boeing is starting to get tremendously un-reliable. LOT also grounded 3 Boeing 787-8s


Yea LOT always tries to be safe, they are using their old 734s to LHR now

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And Embraer E195s, They mainly fly some leased Go2Sky 737-800 and their own 737-800s

Yep, I heard about this from Dj’s Aviation this morning. Hopefully Rolls Royce fixes their engines quick…


Yea they could use their 738s, I don’t think i would like to sit in a small Embraer on a 2 hour flight, I’d rather sit in a 73

I totally agree.

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I wouldn’t say Boeing is becoming unreliable as it’s Rolls Royce at fault here. This happened before with their engines

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Why did Boeing pick RR, If this goes on they are gonna need to change to GE or Leap Probz not Leap

because the airlines pick the engines not Boeing


@HypedFlyer19 learns something


Guys, don’t jump all over Boeing, its actually the Trent Rolls Royce engines that have the issue, so it’s mostly Rolls Royce’s issues the engines are having issues on the 787-10

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those Trent 1000 engines seems to always have issues, they should replace them with RR XWB “A350 engines” or GE,.

i also heard that a Jetstar 787 had issues with its GE engines.

Yea we are having engine issues everywhere this age of aviation

coughs CFM LEAP 1-B

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