Singapore 777 runway excursion

That is what the CAT II/III hold short marking is fore.

When an airport operates under these conditions, any aircraft which is crossing that displaced marking will interfere with and disturb the ILS Signal. In this case the airport was not operating under these conditions but it shows how the signal is disturbed and what the outcome is.


Wow! When was this taken? That must’ve been scary for people onboard the airplane.

Hopefully the plane was repaired to fly again (seems like minor damage to me)


Yeah, that’s crazy! I hope the people on the plane were ok!

Whoa! That must’ve be terrifying from the passengers perspective. The main gear suffered from a few burst tires, but other than that, the aircraft seems okay. Probably couldn’t say the same for the seats in the aircraft. A lot of dirt was sent flying from the left of the runway. Hope this incident didn’t shut the airport down for too long.

I wonder what the pilots reasoning for using autoland was.

Glad this turned out well, or at least for the people

It could’ve turned out worse as the aircraft seemed to pitch up right before the excursion happens. Almost like they planned on going around after touchdown but before they could it looks like they exited the runway.

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Well, that was precisely what the OP indicates as their intent, but the left gear touching down initially threw a wrench into that.


Good compilation of facts and analysis, this is a quality topic. Runway incursions are no joke!


By the way did you see how he slided and went sidewards ( from 00:19 min on ) … looks quiet amazing to me…

Now this is a perfect example of why the hold short rule must be taken very seriously.

This could have ended really badly - but thank goodness it didn’t

Gosh that left turn scared me. Glad the people are ok though.

Couple of issues with this one:

Firstly unless the airport is operating in LVP’s (Low visibility procedures) it is the responsibility of the operating crew to ensure that guidance is available to the runway. The airport doesn’t have to give assurances as to the beam guidance and extended LVP separation. The only recourse you have is a CAT I autoland which allows you to conduct the autoland procedure but you must have CAT I minima (which they had) and fully monitor the approach for glide slope and lateral deviation as the beam is not protected by CAT III hold points.

Secondly the autopilot is left engaged as the CAT IIIA autoland system provides rollout guidance for visibility down to 75m. It is the Captains responsibility to disconnect it!!! ‘Stop assured?’, ‘safe taxying speed?’ disconnect A/P. We do it in the sim and in the real world all the time.

Thirdly I don’t see any attempt to select thrust reversers during the rollout??? The autoland system will not select auto brakes, will not select flap settings (30 on two engines and 20 on one for autoland) and will not automatically select reversers. That’s the flight crews job.

From first glance this looks like a poorly briefed CAT I autoland without taking into accounts the lack of LVP protections normally afforded during CAT III operations.

There may be caveats that appear after the incident so, obviously, this is just my view on the incident but the lack of reversers is pretty damning!!!


Yes it must and in this case it may have been a contributing factor but the controllers, ground vehicles and ground aircraft were operating to CAT I, I would assume.

As low viz procedures were not in force then they can all use CAT I holds not CAT III protected and use the ILS protected areas (denoted by yellow and green centre line taxy way lights)

It was the arriving aircrafts decision to autoland so they should have applied internal procedures.

Edited to add:

No speed brakes selected during the landing roll either. This looks like a complete cockpit procedure screw up! No reversers, no speed brakes, attempting to lift the nose, A/P engaged, Ground switch forgotten (Dubai crash!).

Even in the event of a baulked landing you would disconnect the A/P and the A/T, apply full power, fly the aircraft off the runway, climb (to avoid a tail strike) rotate to 15 degrees and call a go-around, flaps 20, positive climb, gear up.

The approach would still be flown at Flap 30 and Flap 20 not selected until climbing away.

Some fudging going on here! :D

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