Singapore 20L

I noticed that Singapore has a problem with the Radio rw 20R and 20C are on Singapore WSSS radio while rw 20L is on WSAC radio I was looking at Flightradar24 and it seams like Airlines going to WSSS sometimes use 20L can someone clarify this


They are 2 separate airports, ones a military base if i’m not mistaken.

Yes but does that mean IRL that airlines landing on 20L have to use a separate frequency

Not really a way to sufficiently change it in the game.

They could just add ILS,procedures and the 20L runway to WSSS

No, since it’s a different airport we can’t.

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@schyllberg But WSSS uses 20L irl

20L is however not a part of WSSS. It’s under a different airport.

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@schyllberg So we can’t use 20L at all can you at least see if the IFAET can look into it

I am just trying to be as realistic as possible

WSAC still exists as an airbase so 02L/20R is built within its premises.

Unfortunately in the time being there is no way to get 02L/20R onto WSSS’s unicom.


Again, it’s a different airport.
They are connected to each other obviously, but for all intent and purposes it’s a different airport.

Therefore all procedures, frequencies etc for 20L/02R belongs to WSAC.

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What if you could have them overlap

There’s just a number of times one can repeat one self :)