Singapore 006

Hi! I was just reading about the Singapore 006 incident but there are still a few unanswered questions that I want to know about, mainly this one… Are the pilots who flew the aircraft still flying? Regardless of whatever airline they are?

The Captain (Foong Chee Kong) is still flying now with AirAsia
F/O Latiff Cyrano joined LH as an aeronautical consultant following his SIA contract termination in 2002. He had a brief stint in the F&B industry before becoming a lecturer for the Diploma in Aviation Management & Services at Temasek Polytechnic’s (TP) Engineering School in 2008.



That was such a sad incident. Especially in such a special livery.

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Indeed, Since then, SIA never used Special Livery anymore (Until 2015 when SIA used SG50 livery)

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What was this accident and is it on air crash investigation

Here it is. I would call it the scariest incident after the Tenerife disaster and Swissair 111.


Thanks mate

Scariest?? Mate, scariest were Swissair 111, tenerife and BA38… but it is scary


I remember watching the documentary to go with this incident. The pilots couldn’t see properly in the conditions and there were parallel rwys. The pilot was taxiing slow and didn’t realize he entered the wrong rwy. After taking off they hit the construction equipment. Sorry if anything I said is slightly inaccurate. Watched the documentary a really long time ago

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The pilot thought they were lining up on 05L. However they turned too early so they are lining up with 05R which was closed for repairs. However, the Computer (I forgot the name of the system) already warned the crew that they were lining up in the wrong runway. Many investigators thinks because The Pilots were frustrated and in hurry so they can take off before the winds getting crazy. Which means they don’t need to abandon their take off which will cost SIA alot of money. When they started the take off roll, The pilot saw the construction equipments and trying to stop the plane. However, It was way too late

Yeah I remembered that lol

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Pan Am 006 was pretty scary. 6 hrs just waiting for morning so you could ditch in the Pacific!

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Also, the runway indicator lights were wrong and said the runway was open and clear, however they should have been red to show the runway as closed. The storms were huge and they therefore were taxiing insanely slowly - so slow that the investigators said that it would have been almost impossible not to think they had reached the end runway.

Yeah that’s scary

Most scariest is actually the saudi 747 and kazakh plane incident near Delhi and the Hijacking of Indian airlines.

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Well there have been quite a few emergency landings like BA38.

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