Since when are you a member of IF?


i think i have had IF since 2016


Since April 11 2016 my birthday


October 5, 2012


Been here since July of 2017 and never planning to leave soon


5 months xD


Aug 23/2013 so was about 5 or 6. So yeah long time XD.


(Cool un FR)


I’ve had a Inifinite Flight Live yearly subscription since the first day it started in 2014 and every year since. Been flying IF since 2013. Stillflyin and loving it. Us Legacy Flyers should get some sort of recognition. I know we want to keep things fair for everybody but you got to admit that’s something special to make this claim.


Wow! I’ve had Infinite Flight for a lot longer than I thought! 11/22/2014! 20 days after my birthday :)


I’ve been playing IF since 12/7/2012!
I joined the IFC on 1/5/2018;)

I love this Sim!!