Since when are you a member of IF?


I downloaded IF on May 12, 2018. I joined the forum a month later.


I saw in my status that I already fly 800 hours.


July 16th, 2013…
Time goes fast!✈️


Member since 2015


I downloaded on December 28th 2014 when I was 8.

I joined IFC in April, 2017



2012! Been with IF for quite awhile.


I’ve been a member when it was live + and maybe 2017.
I don’t have the first purchase. (13 June 2017)
But have the second one :)
I had to buy it again since I lost my Google account.
(Nostalgic moment : Live+ 49,99 €… KNUC had more traffic than any other airport… )


Almost exactly a year ago. Now have over 700 hours, just need to get my landings/90 days up for Grade 4.


Soon going to celebrate my 6th year anniversary with IF Purchased the sim in October 2012 and haven’t stopped playing it since


March 20th of 2014 for me! I was the epitome of an avgeek and fell in love with IF!


It’s cheaper to buy half a year or a whole year XD


I know that, but I have a bad reputation of getting bored to games pretty fast. That’s why I’m buying it monthly.


I started playing Infinite Flight before there was a Multiplayer mode, so that was back in 2012 I believe.


Since december 2017, and you?


I filtered through my 35,000+ emails and found this gem. First purchase of live. This should be a throw back for some. Specifically the app icon and the Infinite Flight logo.


2018 hermano


I purchased IF on 30th June 2013, Time really flies 😉


I found this:

So I bought the app on March 24th 2013.

Between then and October 15th 2014 I also bought 10 aircraft and 1 region.

I bought my first and only month of Live on October 26th 2014.
After that I only bought yearly Live subscriptions.

Time flies!


Dang, time really does fly! One of the earliest users here I think ;)


Hum no sorry. That’s off topic too.
I’m in France 🇫🇷
6 months : 54,99€
1 year : 84,99€