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As I said, you have to be TL2 (Member) to be allowed to post in #features. You’re TL1 (Basic user).


Which I’ve been stuck at for months I might add

Then you need to be more active.


Well to be honest I’ve commented I’ve earned hold on 8 badges and im still basic I mean come on

Simply make meaningful comments, like others posts and create topics that can create a positive discussion within the forum. This would be your fastest way to move up the “ranks”. We all had to go through the same process you will have to go through. Things take time, and don’t just come when you want it. 😏


I recommend you reading this.


I’m just going to say I commented on 57 things and I’m still basic user

Kind of pointless to argue, the fact is still that you’re not TL2 despite being here for a while. Devote more of your time to scouring the forums and you’ll get that badge soon enough :)


One thing though is I wish I could curse on the forum because getting the earge to cuss gen have to play it off minecraft YouTube style is so annoying

And also I’m pretty sure I did all of those requirements because the memes I did ok sure I spent more then and hour and I got more then 20 likes and I’m just partially done with this forum

This will not get your point across effectively to anyone. 🤔


But at the same time I swear I pretty much did all the requirements I’m sure of it

If you did all of the requirements, you would have the privilege in posting under the #features category. 🤷🏼‍♂️


So your telling me if someone flags your post for no reason you would not get the tiniest bit annoyed and curse even out loud or in your head

I’ve had a couple posts of mine flagged and removed. I used that opportunity as a learning opportunity to fix what I did wrong, or how I may have acted. Its called maturity.


Ok hold up look at my summary wtf

I flagged because it’s the wrong category, it’s a feature request and you’re not TL2. That’s 2 or 3 reasons depending on your point of view.


Dude I should be look at my profile summary

As you can read in the link I provided, it is possible to change the thresholds. Those displayed on Discourse is the standard setting.

FDS may have different settings. I can’t answer that.

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I’m Fin done with this forum literally image