Simulator Yoke Recommendations for IF.

I’m looking to invest in some products for a new IF set up. I am thinking about a saitek yoke and throttle quadrant. Can y’all give me some good recommendations on what to invest in? I have an iPad/dell(Windows) computer for the yoke connections. What do y’all have and do you recommend it or not?


Well, I just use an iPhone 6. For me it is just having a great device that can run infinite flight on high, that is all that matters.

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Yeah I need to know how to put my iPad screen on the computer. QuickTimePlayer is slow and I need a throttle.

I know that Apple TV works good if you use iPhone or iPad. That’s what I use.

How would you be able to attach a throttle to IF? Will the throttle have USB connection??

I’m not sure. The yoke/throttle quadrant I was looking at buying, a guy on a different thread told me he uses it and it works great. But I’m not sure how…

If you don’t want to waste money, check to see if that throttle is fully compatible because it’s a pain in the but buying £100 throttle which will never get used…

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True lol that’s why I opened this topic. Are you from Europe?

I’m about to get online and purchase a yoke. Can y’all give some more recommendations?

I’m using the Logitech Extreme 3D pro which I personally can say is really good and not as expensive as say the Saitek models. However the Saitek models offer more realism because of the throttle but I think the Logitech is great.

Awesome! I was looking at that particular yoke earlier. Thanks for the info!

I’ve just got the yoke and throttle quadrant set up 1 week ago.

I use this with. Mac, iPad!

The yoke works brilliantly, the throttle quadrant only works for throttle which is the black knob. The 3 other buttons I’ve assigned to landing gear, reverse thrust and parking brakes. I’m sure in the future the usability of the other 2 levers will be optimised.

On the whole it’s a good simulator experience. Let me know if you get it and I can walk you through the setup as some minor tweaks were needed to be made to make this work well. Hope this helps.


Can’t you use them for flaps and speed brake?

You can use it for reverse thrust as each of the levers have a little pullback which the game reads as a individual button.

However it does not detect the lever if you try and assign it to flaps or speed brake, it only recognises throttle. This is because the commands tab only allows you to assign BUTTONS for different actions. It reads the leavers as an axis.


how do you use reverse thrust with the Logitech extreme 3d?

You can assign a button to that. I use one of the small buttons on the top of the stick. You assign it in the commands in IF.

yeah but when you push the button, does the reverse go straight to 100%? I guess there isn’t a way to toggle it if you don’t want to use full 100% reverse thrust?

no for some reason it does not use 100% thrust which i guess is a good thing. By the way I connect it via Live Flight Connect for Apple device.

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HELP PLEASE!! I have the exact same saitek pro yoke system and throttles. Im on iOS and downloaded lived light and all that. I just don’t know how to hook it up to infinite flight!! Can you post more pictures or email me pictures of how you hooked it up please? Very appreciated!! email :

Hey im looking to get this. Can you tell me your basic setup with the the needs for this. I have a mac and ipad and a joystick as well.