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Today I tried to fly from KLAX to KSFO, and my simulator stopped completely in the middle of the end. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on? I heard only the engine running but my screen was stopped.

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Hi there it seems like your app froze which is pretty common to occur here and there. Unfortunately all you can do is wait until your device gets out of the freeze. You can try and prevent this by turning your graphics a little lower so you don’t stress your device out.


** breathes in **

Could you clarify the device, operating system and rendering settings you are running the simulator with?

Also, have you had a read through our Support FAQ? It’s a handy little thread that lists common issues and fixes/ workarounds:

I know it’s quite a long read, but it’s incredibly informative and I recommend you have a look to see if there is a solution to your issue here.

If you have an iOS device, it’s highly possible that your device is suffering from the 19.4 crashes, more info can be found below:

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Yes, it happened to me in flight, however, I spent more than 2 min waiting, and my device does not have high graphics, so normal that it does not crash, this time it got me completely out madness.

Thanks for the guys, I have been with the simulator for many years and it is the first time, since Beta-IFS I am a big fan of IFS

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Unfortunately it does happen sometimes. Crashes are, for the most part, unpredictable.

If you find the issue occurs again, I recommend following the steps I linked in the thread above, otherwise if this is the first time you’ve had it happen, and it doesn’t happen again, it’s probably safe to assume it was an one off event ☺️


Indeed, the truth is that it is frustrating to find something like this, when you have had full control of the flight.

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