Simulator lags and crashes

I planned to fly today from EGLL to OTHH (QR8) planned and printed FPL… but when I start pushback and taxiing it lags soo much that I can’t control the aircraft anymore, it goes on the terminal and grass. I can’t even choose ATC options, and I accidently click on unnecessary request which may get me ghosted.
BTW it’s the new A350-900

Were you ghosted?

What device are you on?

Lags and crashes have been known a lot recently check here:

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This is a #support or #live topic. Please avoid from changing it back 🙃

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No but I got a warning saying “Qatari 08 stop sending duplicate messages”
Then the application stopped responding

I’m using a galaxy s6 edge. I’ve completed many long hauls before the 19.4 update without issues.

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I suggest you must lower your Infinite Flight graphics and performance settings.

  1. Lower the Rendering Resolution setting.
  2. Disable Anti-Aliasing.
  3. Lower the Rendering Quality setting.
  4. Lower the Texture Quality setting.
  5. Lower Airplane count. NONE is recommended.

Edit: You should clear away some storage and restart your device before any flight.


I always fly the a350 on the lowest graphics possible

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What is your airplane count? That might be the issue on busy airports. Also, you can only change the texture quality from the main menu so you might unknowingly have that on high

WUM. I din’t change it though🤔

Airport count is High

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Yes because @Kuba_Jaroszczyk and me changed it for you

That’s probably the reason then. Try turning it down

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Set this to Low or NONE. My device always crashes and Aircrafts downloads constantly and eats up your storage instantly. Quite a common issue.