Simulator keeps crashing

My simulator has crashed on final 3 times in a row now. First at KSEA, then KLAX, and finally RKSI just now. I’m not sure what the cause is but it sucks after a long haul to not even touch down. My device is an iPhone 11 pro. Any tips?

There only tips I could give are reduce graphics settings (turn off anti-aliasing and reduce rendering resolution to medium), clear scenery cache and restart your phone. Also, remember to check your storage and free them up cause that could also lead to crashing issues. I have a terrible cheap phone but it never crashed while on final. Only some framerate dips while approaching a big airport.

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Thank you for the help! Would also reducing my frames to 30 help?

Yes it should.

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Also, I recommend you to reduce 3D object density to low as KLAX, RJTT and other big airports with 3D buildings uses a lot of memory and power to render 3D buildings.


This tip helped me the most. My iPad was also crashing but after changing the 3D object density I no longer face these issues.

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