Simulator Keeps Crashing When On Final At KLAX

Hello. This past week I have been doing long haul flights into KLAX and every time I’m on final at the runway the IF app just crashes. I have tried to land at different runways at KLAX, but it still crashes. I have tried to land at R24L, R7R, and R25R, and it has crashed on all of those. If anybody knows what may be causing this that would be great!

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May i ask what kind of device you are using to begin with? :)
Have you checked here for possible causes and solutions?

I am using an iPhone 8. The app wasn’t crashing before I got this new subscription. I have read the post you posted here already.

Is it crashing at every airport or just LAX?

Just at LAX

Try clearing your scenery cache.

Probably because of the huge number of planes at LAX. What is your airplane count setting?

it is clear

Very high, but this wasn’t happening before. This started after I got a new subscription.

Try landing at LAX in solo mode see if it still crashes.

This issue started after 19.4 was launched. Try a lower setting as described in the support FAQ and see if it helps.

It didn’t crash

Just do reference what @Andre_S mentioned;

Have you had a subscription before? Since December 2019.

Then it must be a problem with all the planes loading. Especially if you are flying the A359 with high setting may just be too much.

Yes, I have had one

You did not experience any issues before this round?

no, i did not

Sometimes it is a storage problem. Try deleting non essential apps on the device. Might help .

I have a lot of storage on my phone

Hmmm yea I have seen a ton of Sims crashing topics. There may just be a bug at KLAX