Simulator Just Crashed Again On Final At KLAX

Hi, my simulator just crashed again, and I lowered some of the settings as some people said the last time I posted about this. It happened this time on final at runway 7L at LAX. I don’t know what to do.


This is a pretty known issue, I know it sucks but hopefully it is fixed in the next update.

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Keep in mind some of the advice is not a guaranteed cure for the issue. Apart from that, point your camera at the sky and wait it out.

It just gets so annoying because I wait for these long hauls to end, and then when i’m on final after all this time, it just decides to crash


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In addition to lower graphics and airplane count have you tried this?


What i would like to know, if you’ve tried a different destination than LAX?

Yes, I have. I flew yesterday morning to FAOR from EGLL and it didn’t crash

I could not point the camera at the sky, because I was controlling the plane manually at that point.

I would reinstall the app at this point, given the circumstances and things you’ve tried already. Could be something corrupt in the nav/airport database causing this for you. Only explanation i can think of.

No you point your camera at the sky mid flight when your sleeping or doing something else. Helps because your not looking at terrain and it won’t refresh which seems like the issue

I have also flown to Munich from Seoul on the a350 and it didn’t crash about 1 week ago

I was flying from Sydney to KLAX, so there was only water

Alright, I will try that when I put a flight tonight, and see if it still crashes after the reinstall.

The water is still terrain:) It refreshes when you have the ocean in the camera

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It didn’t crash today after I reloaded the app, but I’ll try one more flight before I can say for certain that that is the thing I had to do. Oh yeah, and thank you @schyllberg. :)

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I’m doing a flight tonight, I couldn’t do them these past few days

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