Simulator closing alone

I am an IF user on the android platform and for a few days now, I have been flying and the application closes by itself.
Is this happening to you?

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What exactly is happening, and when does it close? Also, are you using other apps, are there apps running in the background, and what is your device?

I don’t know why but one day this happened to me twice while trying to do a long haul. But I think this is a technical problem.

There are no applications in the background. my smartphone is an LGK10

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When the app closes does it give a crash with a screen message that says “Infinite Flight has crashed” or does it close with no message?

Yes my friend!!!

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close without any message


I get that quite often too, the app just closes by itself and you’re greeted with you home screen right? Correct me if I’m wrong,

This is usually an indication that the OS has killed IF most likely because of resources being exhausted.

What are your graphics settings?
How long into the flight did this happen?
Has this happened once or on every flight?
Have you rebooted your device?

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Yes, correct!

I use my graphics in low resolution. Yes, I restarted.

Additionally: Which version of the LG K10 are you using? (2016, 2017, 2018,…)

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I’m used LG K10 2018!!!

Are you ensuring that all background apps are closed before the flight? Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Are you running any 3rd party IF add-ons?

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Yes! No used complement to IF

It just randomly goes back to home screen. A few months back, I used to come back from lunch or shopping and find my screen black I check and see that IF has closed randomly and phone locked, so I thought maybe the device is overheating. I bought a fan for IF and left it on in front of my device during the flights and it keeps my phone cool, but Infinte flight still shuts down randomly sometimes.

I’m also using android phone (Samsung galaxy s6)

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Did this problem just start? How long into the flight before it stops working?

To be straight here also, it’s a very low end device. It’s running a Mediatek MT6750 and a Mali-T860MP2 paired with 2gb of ram. It’s quite a low end device, probably related.

Likewise here. Your device is beginning to get quite old and is not far over the minimum requirements for the simulator these days


Just as a side note: Your phone has a Mediatek CPU from 2016 and a Mali GPU from 2015, you can’t expect a great performance from these two components.

How much storage do you have left?


@GhostCustoms if you are having an issue please make a support topic. We are discussing a topic regarding a different device that may result in different fixes. However, the same items discussed may apply to your issue as well. The goal is to not confuse your issue with the OP issue for responses.