Simulation of repatriation flight - EGLL to NZAA non-stop

So the world is currently repatriating their citizens home from wherever they are and this was a simulation of one of such flights from EGLL to NZAA (not a real world flight). Qatar Airways have been one of the key airlines doing these flights as they have few restrictions for transit passengers at its main hub, Doha Hamad International Airport. The initial route would have included a stopover at OTHH, however the plans changed as it clashed with the FNF TFR declaring the airspace above OTHH to be closed to non-military aircraft. So unfortunately a few of the original 253 pax had to be offloaded and the aircraft departed EGLL with only 210 pax and about a quarter of their weight in cargo (mainly pax baggage weight, not medical supplies) and the flight proceeded non-stop from EGLL to NZAA.

Flight details
Server: Expert
Aircraft: A350-900 (Qatar Airways)
Scheduled flight time: 20h48m
Actual flight time: 20h28m
Distance: 10,556nm
Takeoff weight: MTOW (100%)
Step climb: FL310 (initial cruise over Europe), FL330 (over Middle East), FL350 (over India), FL370 (after Singapore until reaching Australian continent), FL390 (rest of flight).

Landing video at NZAA

The flight took off from EGLL in the morning yesterday (London local time). Here is a video of the landing in NZAA just before sunset today (Auckland local time). After flying the A350-900 in many flights and various weather and visibility conditions, I think I have finally nailed the landing which is why I’m posting a video of the landing roll and taxiing to parking today. I hope it’s up to scratch!


Wow! That’s a long flight, I’m surprised that an aircraft can fly for that long! Would’ve been a great flight, approaching into Auckland is one of my favourites. :D

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Qatar Airways LOL