Simulated Emergency Engine Shutdown Diversion Test @ Iqaluit

Did you know? CYFB is a certified emergency diversion airport for all transatlantic flights? This airport being so remote is known for many international/diversions and cold weather tests. Iqaluit’s runway is 8,605 feet which can accommodate all widebody aircrafts which need to divert!

Today, I did something new. Performed a mandatory 365 day engine shutdown test while at cruise with the KLM 777-300ER. The test is like a ETOPS certification where the aircraft flies for a long period of time with one engine shut down and the other one running. The test was successful upon arrival at CYFB!

As always, this photo was taken on the Expert Server @ 1315PM CST. Edited with Adobe Lightroom!

Lastly, Have a good week everyone!


How do you cope with the difference in handling i.e. yawing and rolling to one side, just lots of rudder i guess?🤣

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The 777 handles well with the autopilot on with one engine shut down.

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Did you land it manually?

Yup. It was easy.

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Might give it a go

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@Barrie_Gunn, check it out !!

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