Simulated Airshow/unrestricted climbs

Looking to get a feel on the possibility of removing the “aerobics are not allowed in the vicinity of airports.”
Also, not getting flagged by an IFATCer for progressing past 250kts(in a military jet) when performing a simulated unrestricted climb.

I’m a military jet fan. And would like the opportunity to do simulated airshows as well as the items mentioned above. Would love to hear some feedback!


Casual Server is pretty great for this sort stuff :)


He means doing this with proper players rather than 50 a380s coming at you at 7000 mach


Even from an observers perspective (ie when taxing next to active runway) it would be cool to watch a jet do an unrestricted climb on the expert server. Just looking for a more life like scenario rather than the casual server


Plus you can do it without others ruining ur work (screenshots, Realism, Videos, formations)

From a larger perspective - Casual Server is the most appropriate place for this.
There have been various “Aerobatic” Event Servers in the past with low attendance and popularity, which is why it’s not a thing any longer. Should however some sort of new interest for this reappear, I’m sure we could accommodate it.

Casual Server is the lowest populated server so experiencing this is not very likely. And the world is quite big, so there’s more than enough room.

Not here for the long run i see.


Sorry i was and am in hurry

I understand but if you wanna have a airshow in a busy airport you must be rammed in my others and you have no atc

Airshows aren’t supposed to be done at busy airports. Unless there’s a special event going on in that area which leads be back to:

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For normal airports you are correct but for busy airports you cant and you dont have atc and most people just avoid the causal server because of the name

Also i think we should stop before this turns into the mini moderators topic

Understood on the airshows.

I guess on the item I’d really like to press would be not being flagged for unrestricted climbs on the expert server. If done properly, they will not cause disruptions.

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In the best of worlds (it’s been discussed internally before), a certain ATC response would “remove” the ability to get a certain type of violation for any reason.

Like when you’re very, very heavy in an airliner and may need to exceed 250 KIAS below FL100 or similar. The same argument could be applied here.

From what I’ve understood of those discussions, there’s currently technical limits within the app & server infrastructure that allows us to do that. Can’t speak for the future on this, but it is brought up from time to time and it may not be impossible to implement something like this later on.


Would a feature request on the reform of the aerobatics violation system encourage a dialogue?

Being surprised by them while flying through a canyon is frustrating at best and ends up in a ghosting and a violation at worst.

I understand removing it might increase the number of pilots doing loopings above LHR but at the same time please understand that I’d love to fly peacefully in the middle of Oman.

The removal of the 250kts limit was one of the best thing to happen to the fighter jet community, maybe you can one up that.


Having something written down and a proper place for discussion always helps.


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