Simply breathtaking

The very thought of these types of graphics and rendering are even remotely possible on a smartphone to this extent without the device’s OS frying is simply remarkable. Just wow

The flight was Singapore International to Hong Kong International, 1,440 nm flight.


I’d recommend posting your screenshots in #screenshots-and-videos :)

@Drummer changed it for you!

Glad you like the A350 nice photo!

I somewhat agree, it is breathtaking from up above, but on the ground it doesnt look that good

Ahh thanks my friend. I didn’t realize there was a screenshot section. I posted another topic in live that I’ll need to move.

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Totally fine! Awesome shots by the way!

Really? I believe the 350 is one of airbus greatest long range projects.

Thanks man

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Hey there!

Could you maybe give us more details on the flight like the route

It was from Singapore International to Hong Kong International, 1,440 nm in the A350

Ok. Can you put that in the thread with the picture so other people see please?

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