Simplifly DECCAN A320

Simplifly DECCAN was an Indian low cost airline headquartered in Bangalore.
It was founded by R.Gopinathh as Air Deccan. It was the first low cost airline in India appealing to a growing middle class market. Air Deccan focused on providing air service to underserved airports across the country, where competition was low and the airline could acquire a loyal customer base.
They operated a fleet of A320s, ATR-42s and ATR-72s.
This #features request is for the A320.
They operated the A320 on higher demand routes.

After merger with Kingfisher, they adopted the Kingfisher livery. This is for the Kingfisher Deccan livery. I will be making one for the original livery soon.

Here it is :-

Credits :-I cannot find.
Link :-

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The airline was later acquired by Kingfisher as Kingfisher red so you might wanna change the request.
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