Simplified categories

I simplified categories for the time being until we have more activity and we better know how we want to organize things.

I removed the “Live” category and subcategories (moved content to General)

It is usually recommended to not have too many categories to avoid confusing users. For example, with a Live category, should you post a bug about Infinite Flight Live into that category or into the Bugs category? Should Live have its own “Bugs” subcategory? You can see how it can get complex real fast.

We might still add more categories in the future but only based on actual usage. We will explore using Tags as well in order to make it easier to add some context to certain topics.

Simple is definitely best.

I did wonder if there should be an airport editing Category on the forum though.
It’s currently done through a fairly unused newish Facebook group, and a more lively older Messenger group.

Don’t know how visible you’d want this group though.

This is exactly why this forum is for :smile:

We can make that category private if necessary but clearly a great idea to regroup everything under one roof so it is easier for you to reach us and for us to make sure that important information is shared.

It would also be better for tracking reported scenery issues too. Less likely to get buried.
Cameron owns the FB group. If you decide to set the category up how you wish it, we’ll steer the chatter this way and post up the groups guides etc.

What do you guys think of a separate category for setting up controlling sessions (e.g. a separate space where you could announce region of the day, and have a thread where you could ask users to tag-team airports with you). Could be a better area than simply having that stuff in ‘general’ area. Could possibly be made private with access only for qualified controllers, or something?


I second that ^ category where all ATC Communications goes through. Like just what you said, when someone wants to tag or open somewhere something like that (y)

I do agree with @Nik here, having an airport editing group would really be beneficial for the reasons that have been mentioned above. Ideally, a private group would be best (following up from the email conversation I had with you late last year Philippe). Do let us know how you wish to go about this; Nik, Jonathan and myself will happily direct airport editing traffic to this forum :smile:

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I created the category and promoted @carmalonso to moderator so he can manage this.

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I can’t see it under my categories. Could I be added please?

How visible to all should this category be?
Just going off previous comments you’ve made regarding this subject. #beingdescrete

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@Nik @John_Preston21 it is a private group, I added both of you to it.

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Could I be added to the editing group?

Is the private group another group or just the “Developer” group?

It’s the dev group yes


The private developer group is for ppl who have early access to the IF live API (to make 3rd party tracking apps) and for ppl who help us with content.

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