simplified approach charts for atc and pilot's.

Was flying on advanced server recently. Requested approach for ILS 09 EGLC. Got vectored down to 3000ft, ignored it and just went’t down to 5000 ft to begin my final approach at the red marking and hoping he would understand my attentions (5,5 degre approach ).on the ILS i contacted tower for landing clearance. (Runway was free no long takeoff queue, 1 or 2 planes) i got handed off to approach again, he tried to vector me for a go around (I was on glideslope) i contacted tower again for a new request for landing clearense (now half way on my finall on glidslope) got advice to contact approach again with a please follow instruction. Approach was also spamming to contact him and then I got ghosted. I think the reason for this was due to not actually knowing the landing procedure on this airport is but might be me totally misunderstood something.
(Please, this is not the topic.)

At one point I would expect that when you are a advanced ATC you should also know a little about the airport/approach you are controlling but it’s totally understandable that it is I high demand from people, I mean it’s a game after all.

What about to make simplified charts on airports inside the game for both atc/and pilot’s, where you can see what waypoints is normal to use at which airport with altitude and glideslope for approaching a runway and mabye go around etc. You can of course find this information on the Web but I believe that is a small portion of people spending time to do this. if this information would be available inside the game I think more people would then try to use it an therfore the user experience of the game would come to a new level (on advanced server of course)

Good or bad?


I spoke to Tyler about something like this…I suggested that Departure Instructions be broadcast as part of ATIS.

I believe that will be the case next Friday.

I’m not sure about approach charts though…

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Would be good to add more to takeoff clearance commands.

“N88AC after departure turn heading 290, runway 24L cleared for takeoff.”


Very good idea with the ATIS , hope that would be the case.

The more information about flying is avaliable in the game the more people would then also try to apply to these rules/information, there is alot of people playing live with different level on how realistic they wan’t play it an how much time they wan’t to spend searching the Web for information on approach, calculate decent, landing speed etc etc. But if these information would be avaliable easy, more would then also bother to learn it.

Just look at beginner server where mor then 50% of people request “take of remaining in pattern” and then fly away to another airport or “mixing” left and right downwind. If this info would be avaliable inside the game with a logical picture explaining this I am very confident that we would se a bigger improvement on users playing live.

This was today at around 1800. But doesn’t matter was just one of examples where improvements can be made in a way that is easy for users to make the experience “better”

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Yep, customizable takeoff commands could be useful!

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I’ve written this same suggestion about 10 times before in similar threads were these kind of issues have been brought up. Seems like it’s just been put into the too hard basket. I generally always use the correct approach procedures and have the charts with me when I fly, but it’s pretty much rendered pointless when no one else does it…

Same here, I pretty much only fly Seattle region using the HAWKZ FOUR ARRIVAL and HELNS FIVE ARRIVAL routes. One of the reasons I avoid the advanced server is that they don’t use it, but instead vector me across no fly zones as one example. I have to comply or get ghosted.
Since flying real world routes interests me more than being vectored by a Live ATC, I tend to stick to Seattle on the playground server. It’s all about choices :)


@Thomas_Hense 100% agreed. I have the same theory as you, but usually flying in the Hawaii region so I can fly realistic routes.

The advanced guys are generally good at sequencing and getting you into the ground (at atleast they give you the right commands etc), but it’s very very unrealistic the majority of the vectors you’re given to get there, and even the runway configurations etc they use.

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@bobat85 I am not surprised that you had problems with the ATC at EGLC. It sounds like you wanted to stay at 5,000ft and descend at 5.5 degrees when you hit the start of the red triangle (which I think is about 10 miles out). This isn’t actually the correct procedure for EGLC. You descend to the platform altitude of 2000ft at a normal descent rate (this is probably what the controller was trying to ask you to do), and then at D3.4 out (once you pass Canary Wharf) you start the descent at 5.5 degrees to land.

You don’t descend at 5.5 degrees from 5,000 ft or at 10 miles out, the steep descent is only for the last 3.4 miles. As noted the only reason for the steep glideslope at EGLC is that you need to remain at 2000ft to clear the high buildings at Canary Wharf.

As mentioned in the beginning, this is not the topic. I know the realistic standard procedure and no that was not the case why I got ghosted for sure.

It seems pretty relevant since the apporach and tower were trying to get you to do one thing and you wanted to do something else. You are the one suggesting they didn’t understand the apporach profile at the airport when it appears you may not have done.